2023 - 2024 MBA of Florida Membership Application 

MBAF Membership is for July 1, 2023 - June 30, 2024.

  • Business organizations and financial institutions which are regularly engaged in the business of originating, servicing, investing in mortgage loans or other types of real estate finance. (Examples are mortgage companies, commercial banks, savings banks and savings and loan associates.)

  • Business entities which regularly provide products or services for business organizations or finance institutions. (Examples are private mortgage insurance companies, title insurance companies, law firms, CPA firms, computer hardware and/or software companies, appraisal firms and life insurance companies.)

  • Can be either Financial Institution or Affiliates. You will be listed only by your name not by your company. (If there are two or more individuals from your company it makes sense to join the lowest level company dues at $400 getting up to 10 employees as members.)

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